fiona apple + chipotle + willy wonka = ??

11 Dec

▶ The Scarecrow – YouTube.



I have no idea how/why this exists, but her voice is delightful as always. Such a weird combination.



4 Oct


Show your noisy neighbors how loud they are. Step one in your noisy neighbor silencing plan is to invite them over to hear firsthand what you hear. If the neighbors smile, nod, and ignore your verbal request, write them a polite note about the problem and keep a copy for yourself. This note and others that you’ll write will help prove your case if you have to take your complaint to court later on. But first…

via How To Deal With Noisy Neighbors | Noisy Neighbor Techniques.

Oh I really should have thought about this before my idea which involved very little patience and very much digging through my closet to find my tap shoes.

Seriously, if you live really close to other people & are loud loud loud all the time, you’re just a bad person. Straight up, I do not like you. It’s actually rarely volume so much that gets me as BASS. We all love some bass bass bass but there’s a time and a place (I am sad that rhymed but I am really short on sleep so f it). But I cannot block out bass. It’s not even a sound so much as it is my room vibrating, my cats wakening, and me cursing the inventors of ear plugs for not perfecting them.

Bmmmmmm BMMMM bMM BMMMB MBMM. What is that? Is that Bob Marley? Yes, I went through a Bob phase myself a decade ago, he is quiet talented, but I’m pretty much over him. You don’t need to share. Really all I can hear is BMMMM BMMBMMMM BMMMBMMMMM (just realized that spelled BM a lot which is perfect).

It’s awful and I can’t escape it anywhere in my apartment. I’d totally chill out on the kitchen floor for an hour if you needed to jam and I needed to do anything that required 5% or more concentration. But it permeates throughout.

It’s funny boyfriend has desperately wanted to move forever; the area is shitty and getting a bit rough and dirty and there’s always pee in our lobby somehow…. it’s just.. not the nicest place in the world. Somehow the bass neighbors are the thing that finally made me start CL-ing apartments. Not all of my stolen packages, or being followed on our street by that guy masturbating at 11 AM (YAY! SF!!!), or paying a ridiculous amount of money to live in a building that somehow always has trash and dog (I hope) pee pee in the terrifying elevator that was broken for 3 months in the spring.

Naw. It’s just some people probably within 5 years of my age. My feelings on this are ridiculous to some people, but come on. It’s just common courtesy. Like, don’t have a yelling cell conversation on packed muni. Move out of the front seats when someone who clearly could use it more than you boards. If you are blocking an entire busy sidewalk… just don’t do that. Pay attention to your surroundings a little.

Just be a decent person. Please.

Oh, also, don’t flip out like a baby and bang around in your tap shoes to fake morse code “SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP.” Do something like the advice from the link. To be fair, I was really sick and the bass woke me up for the 30th time. Also, I missed my tap shoes. I should really find a class……

Considering they are the ones below me, they are playing with tap-dancing fire.

pictures and thousands of words..

13 Jun


Paris Review – Picture Books, Sadie Stein.

A&E Cancels ‘Intervention’

23 May

The network announced Thursday that the long-running docuseries will come to an end following the final five episodes of its 13th season.

via A&E Cancels ‘Intervention’ After 13 Seasons.

WHAT??!?!??!! I HATE LIFE.



This feels like the opposite of walking on sunshine. But.. but.. I really need Jeff in my life. And Candy. But seriously, I need Jeff.




Mr. Pitiful

3 May


I’ve always thought this song/video was adorable, but I know Lisa-in-a-hurry would see this dude on Market street and be all OH ANOTHER ONE WHATEVER GOD I’M JUST TRYING TO GET HOME GUY IT’S ALWAYS SOMETHING.

via Matt Costa – Mr. Pitiful – YouTube.

when an error page is better than what you wanted

5 Apr


Especially when they involve Dawson’s CRY FACE. Good job Huffpo.

Thank you for being a pro-gay marriage friendddd

29 Mar

Golden Girls forever. God, I love this show.